“ . . . the most beautiful sites on Earth are the things produced by nature. The colors in those natural sceneries is what inspires the palette of my work.


The concept of KP & Co. started in 2012 when Kris Potasky and her daughter attended a class in leather jewelry. Putting the skills she learned to immediate use, she began to design and hand craft bracelets for her friends and family and they were an instant hit. With an immediate high demand for her bracelets, the company evolved into a full fledged business almost overnight, and has continued to evolve ever since. KP & Co. is currently expanding beyond bracelets, and will soon offer a necklace collection that will compliment her original pieces. Her two daughters Ali and Taylor serve as muses for her design work and inspiration for fresh, youthful ideas.

A dental hygienist by trade, Kris has always enjoyed working with her hands and the meticulous detail required for such fine work. KP & Co. is based in her home studio located on “Two Acre Farm” in Holyoke, MA where every piece is hand-stitched. An avid skier, hiker and runner, Kris draws the most inspiration from nature, especially the oceans and mountains. It is the colors and tones in those natural settings that make up the palate of her work. She is especially drawn to natural stone beads, along with Czech glass beads for their unique patterns, adding in leather cord to accent the rustic nature of her work.

In addition to expressing herself through creating art, one of Kris' main hopes with her work is that by capturing the natural world in her jewelry, it will serve to remind us of one of her personal tenants; getting back to nature is one of the best ways to foster a deeper connection with ourselves and also the world around us.